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Market Due Diligence

Understand your investment opportunities like the back of your hand.

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Our Market Due Diligence helps investors make the most impactful decisions during the investment process.

  • Customer Insights

    Analysis of customer demographics, needs and pain-points

  • Competitor Analysis

    Analysis of competitor strategies, pricing, positioning and SWOT

  • Market Sizing

    Comprehensive market sizing and future growth projections

  • Growth Strategies

    Insights into opportunities for investment growth strategies

  • Evaluation of Trends

    Evaluate specific industry trends, market drivers, and barriers to entry

  • Industry Outlook

    Overall industry outlook and Five Forces strategy model

How it Works

  • Step 1: What are we really buying?

    Effective acquirers systematically test a deal’s strategic logic by building a bottom-up view of the target organization and the industry it operates in. This draws from Bainbridge's 360-degree research approach including customers, suppliers, and competitors in the industry.

  • Step 2: Where are the synergies?

    Use the due diligence process to carefully distinguish between different kinds of synergies, and then estimate both their potential value and the probability that they can be realized.

  • Step 3: Where are the skeletons?

    The due diligence process can uncover skeletons in regards to the target's management structure, sales process, and customer relations. Due diligence will give the client an understanding of all their target's pain-points before completing the acquisition.

  • Step 4: Is the target integration ready?

    Our research and analysis helps you draw the most out of your investment by preparing you for integration issues, ownership-structure, and a profitable exit plan before the acquisition is even complete.

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